July/Aug 2011 (print)


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In this issue, we present the strategies with which artists can embrace current technology and develop better relationships with clients and fans in the digital realm.

Lojong III By Aryen Hart
Mixed media on polyester/aluminum weave, 24” x 24”.
(See “Imagine the Possibilities of Digital/Traditional Hybrid Processes” page 10.)

05 An Artist Apart
by Elena Parashko

06 Attracting, Building and Keeping Your Facebook Fans
by Renée Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach

10 Imagine the Possibilities of Digital/Hybrid Processes
by Louise Buyo

14 Exhibiting at Major Art Expos: One Artist’s Experience
by Jodi Walsh

16 Create a Compelling Artist Website
by E. Brady Robinson

17 Art & iPhone Apps: How I Took a Leap into the Digital Age
by Michelle LaRae

23 Artists Raise $30,000 Online for Japanese Tsunami Survivors
by Byron Kerman

26 How to Increase Your Online Art Sales: 13 Artists Share Their Secrets
by Diana Moses Botkin

32 8 Insights on Creating Effective E-newsletters
by Gregory W. Frux

34 Gelatin Acrylic Paint Transfer: Excerpt from the book Digital Alchemy
by Bonny Pierce Lhotka

38 Exploring Convergent Media: Creating Digital Photo Art for the Design Market
by Marc Garrison

13 Coaching the Artist Within: 10 Ways to Handle Creative Disasters
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

19 Heart to Heart: Earned Success
By Jack White

24 Photo Guy: Histograms & Highlights: Fine Tuning Your Photos
by Steve Meltzer

04 From the Editor

40 The Listings: Compiled by the Professional Artist Team
Your best source for art opportunities. Find awards, galleries reviewing portfolios, grants, fellowships, juried shows, festivals, residencies, conferences and professional development courses.

48 ArtScuttlebutt.com Member: Michele Waalkes
By Louise Buyo

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