December 2016/January 2017 (print)




Included in this issue:
• Be Social Media Savvy
• Small Tasks, Big Rewards
• Beat Burnout Now
• Selling Art Today
• And More!


Overflow, 2014, by Alicia Tormey. Encaustic, mixed media, 16” x 16”. Copyright © 2014 Alicia Tormey. Used by permission of the artist. Read more about Tormey on Page 36.

14 Develop Your Audience
By Elaine Grogan Luttrull

22 What I Know Now
By Gigi Rosenberg

30 Land a Museum Show
By Mary Edwards

36 Depth With Encaustic Art
By Ora Sorensen

44 Ten Ways to Burn Out
By Thea Fiore-Bloom

48 Book Excerpt: Selling Contemporary Art
By Edward Winkleman

52 The Small-Task Method
By Jill Kelly

60 Art Schools That Train Entrepreneurs
By Daniel Grant

68 Social Media Analytics
By Rebecca Coleman

4 Editor’s Letter
By Gigi Rosenberg

5 Headlines & Details
By Gigi Rosenberg

12 Artist Spotlight: Melissa Cole
By Nada Hassanein

74 Calls to Artists

21 Coaching the Artist: Make Art While In Recovery
By Eric Maisel

43 The Artist’s Advocate: Negotiate With Power
By Katie Lane

58 State of the Art: Back Up Your Files
By Terry Sullivan

73 Planning Your Art Business: Review Your Credit Report Today
By Robert Reed

80 Artrepreneur Coach: Five Types of Art Buyers
By Renée Phillips

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