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Take control of your creative career and begin taking steps to achieve your goals.

Strength and Honor By Ingrid Dee Magidson
Layered Mixed Media, 53″ x 44″ (see page 4).

03 Planning Your Art Business: Part 12: Your Estate and Your Art
By Robert Reed

04 Balancing a Family Life and a Creative Life
By Brenda Hope Zappitell

10 Rough Guide to Living the Dream: Part One: The Basic Roadmap
By Matthew Daub

14 Rough Guide to Living the Dream: Part One: The Basic Roadmap
By Elena Parashko

16 What Exactly Is This?
By Jodi Walsh

20 How to Talk to the Media
By Terry Sullivan

24 Artists Share Their Aspirations for 2013
By Renée Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach

28 Opening an Artist-Owned Gallery
By Ora Sorensen

18 The Photo Guy: Photos of Art and the Quality of Light
By Steve Meltzer

23 Coaching the Artist Within: The Marketing Assistant
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

32 Heart to Heart: Silver Spurs
By Jack White

02 From the Editor
By Kim Hall

33 The Listings: Compiled by the Professional Artist Team
Your best source for art opportunities. Find awards, galleries reviewing portfolios, grants, fellowships, juried shows, festivals, residencies, conferences and professional development courses.

40 Artist Spotlight: Karen Budan
By Kim Hall

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