Apr/May 2014 (print)


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THE GREEN ISSUE — Do you want to show off your green thumb? In art, that is. In this issue, we explore innovations in eco-friendly art supplies and what you can do in your studio to be more sustainable without breaking the bank. See how arts organizations are working with environmental agencies or humanitarian outfits. Become green in your work and your life.

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On the Cover:
Anemones and Sea Grass, 2009, by David C. Gallup. Oil on canvas, 10” x 10”. Copyright © David C. Gallup.
Used by permission of the artist.

14 The Art of Conservation
By Paul Grecian

20 Use Art Materials Safely
By Terry Sullivan

28 Proper Disposal For Art Materials
By Daniel Grant

32 Book Excerpt: Secrets Of A Creativity Coach
By Eric Maisel

38 Achieve Artistic Wellness
By Ora Sorensen

44 To See a Work of Art
By Stephen Knudsen

48 The Uplifting Magic of Art
By Elena Parashko

54 12 Ways to Go Greener
By Diana Moses Botkin

60 Art of Upcycling
By Annie Strack

66 How Green are Art Supplies?
By Daniel Grant

70 Behind the Green: Artist Q-and-As
By Jenny Andreasson and Nada Hassanein

4 Editor’s Letter
By Terry Sullivan

5 Headlines & Details
By Terry Sullivan

12 Artist Spotlight: Janet Hamilton
By Jenny Andreasson

75 Art Resources
76 Calls to Artists

27 Best Business Practice: Start Going Green
By Jodi Walsh

42 Photo Guy: Resell, Reuse or Recycle Electronics
By Steve Meltzer

53 Planning Your Art Business: Public Speaking
By Robert Reed

59 Heart to Heart: Don’t Wait for the Muse
By Jack White

74 Coaching the Artist: Green or No Green?
By Eric Maisel

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