June/July 2016 (digital)




Included in this issue:
• Find Inspiration
• Rejection: An Unlikely Friend
• Fear Not
• Harness Your Time
• And More!

Black and White No. 2, 2015, by Kevin Briggs. Oil on canvas, 24” x 32”. Copyright © Kevin Briggs. Used by permission of the artist.
Read more about Briggs on Page 20.

14 Put Fear in its Place
By Alyson B. Stanfield

20 3 Artists on Inspiration
By Gigi Rosenberg

28 Deal With Rejection
By Matthew Daub

32 Know About Art Judges
By Lis Zadravec

38 30 Years of Empowering Artists
By Jenny A. Babcock

46 Left-Brain Skills for Right-Brained People
By Mary Edwards

52 Be a Productive Artist
By Judith Teitelman

58 Sculpting the Presidents
By Daniel Grant

66 Your Own Board of Directors
By Elaine Grogan Luttrull

4 Editor’s Letter
By Gigi Rosenberg

5 Headlines & Details
By Gigi Rosenberg

12 Artist Spotlight: Veronica Jaeger
By Nada Hassanein

74 Calls to Artists

26 State of the Art: A Tribute to David Bowie
By Terry Sullivan

45 The Artist’s Advocate: Inspiration vs. Infringement
By Katie Lane

51 Coaching the Artist: 9 Tips for Inspiration
By Eric Maisel

57 Planning Your Art Business: How to Calm Financial Chaos
By Robert Reed

80 Artrepreneur Coach: A Young Artist Grows Up
By Renée Phillips

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