Feb/Mar 2014 (digital)


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The Money Issue – Put your money where your art is. In this issue, we’ll explore innovative art jobs, tracking your bottom line, and how to ensure you see a return on workshops. Get the 411 on tax credits, retirement accounts and more.

On The Cover
Beech Leaves in Sun, 2009, by Stephen Remick. Acrylic on panel, 12” x 16”.
Copyright © 2009 Stephen Remick. Used by permission of the artist.
Read more about the cover artist in the Artist Spotlight on Page 10.

12 Retirement Plans for Artists
By Robert Reed

18 Innovative Art Jobs
By Terry Sullivan

26 Finance for Full Time
By Paul Grecian

34 Adjust Your Career Course
By Diana Moses Botkin

42 Become an Artist’s Assistant
By Daniel Grant

46 Track Your Bottom Line
By Alyson B. Stanfield

50 Achieve and Manage Success
By Elena Parashko

54 Rob Zeller: Old is New Again
By Terry Sullivan

62 Run Pro fitable Workshops
By Annie Strack

68 Rent or Lease Your Art
By Daniel Grant

4 Editor’s Letter

5 Headlines & Details

10 Artist Spotlight: Stephen Remick
By Jenny Andreasson

5 Art Resources

76 Calls to Artists

33 Planning Your Art Business:
Home Office Deduction
By Robert Reed

41 Coaching the Artist:
Ask for Money
By Eric Maisel

52 Photo Guy:
Practice Your Photography
By Steve Meltzer

67 Best Business Practice:
Vet Financial Decisions
By Jodi Walsh

73 Heart to Heart:
Art of Being Flexible
By Jack White