December 2017/January 2018 (digital)




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• Activate Your Strategic Plan
• Don’t Skimp on Follow-Up
• Jump into Video Marketing
• Barter Your Art
• And More!


Reflected, 2016, by Chris Maynard. Argus wing feathers, 21″ x 24″. Copyright © 2016 Featherfolio LLC. Used by permission of the artist.


14 Strategic Planning in Action
By Elaine Grogan Luttrull

20 The Fine Art of Follow Up
By Gigi Rosenberg

30 2018: The Year of Video Marketing
By Thea Fiore-Bloom

38 Try Trading Your Artwork
By Daniel Grant

44 Use Online Advertising to Promote and Sell Your Work
By Jennifer Virškus

52 Explore the World of Fine-Art Animation
By Terry Sullivan

60 Art Sales Strategies for B2B Markets
By Carolyn G. Edlund

68 Your Plan for 2018 Starts with Your Vision
By Judith Teitelman


4 Editor’s Letter
By Gigi Rosenberg

6 Headlines & Details
By Gigi Rosenberg

12 Artist Spotlight: Paula Saneaux
By Adrian Alexander

74 Calls to Artists


5 Your Business Mentor: S.W.O.T Your Business
By Jannett Roberts

19 Planning Your Art Business: Manage Your Windfall
By Robert Reed

37 Coaching the Artist: Don’t Resist Planning
By Eric Maisel

67 The Artist’s Advocate: DIY Contract Review Skills
By Katie Lane

80 Artrepreneur Coach: Warm Up to Making Cold Calls
By Renée Phillips