Apr/May 2013 (digital)


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Learn how to connect the dots to take your artwork in different directions and into new markets, including established art venues and alternative or non-profit spaces.

Near and Far By John McCaw
Mixed media, 40” by 48”. Read more about cover artist John McCaw and the group show Converge: Where Classical & Contemporary Art Collide on page 30.

12 Art Markets
By Matthew Daub

18 Environmental Influences
By Brenda Hope Zappitell

28 Word-of-Mouth Promotion
By Elena Parashko

30 The Importance of Being a Part of a Group Exhibition
By Terry Sullivan

42 Artists and Divorce
By Daniel Grant

46 Artists as Inventors, Part 2
By Kim Hall

54 Innovations in Art and Art Marketing
By Renée Phillips

59 Home is Where the Show Is
By Paul Grecian

64 DIY: Artist-run Spaces
By E. Brady Robinson

68 Getting into the Galleries
By Paul Dorrell

4 Editor’s Letter

5 Headlines & Details

10 Artist Spotlight: Laura Mustio
By Jenny Andreasson

75 Art Resources

76 Calls to Artists
Your best source for art opportunities. Find awards, galleries reviewing portfolios, grants, fellowships, juried shows, festivals, residencies, conferences and professional development courses.

27 Best Business Practice
By Jodi Walsh

45 Planning Your Art Business
By Robert Reed

58 Coaching the Artist
By Eric Maisel

63 Heart to Heart
By Jack White