Q: I just purchased a digital subscription through the Professional Artist website. How do I begin receiving copies?

A: Your digital subscription of Professional Artist can be accessed through either a desktop/laptop computer or an iPad/Apple device.

    Computer: If you will be viewing your digital subscription on a desktop or laptop computer through a web browser, you should have already received a confirmation email, which includes a link to the current issue. Every time a new issue becomes available, you will receive an email containing a link to the latest issue.
    iPad: If you will be viewing your digital subscription on the iPad and have not yet downloaded the free Professional Artist app from the iTunes store, please do so here. You do not need to purchase anything else from within the app, as your subscription is already paid for. The first time you open the app after downloading, look for the “Library” tab on the top row navigation bar, then:


    Press “Sign In”.
    Enter the email address and password you used when you ordered your subscription and hit “Log In”.
    Close the sign-in window and press “Library” to view your available issues, which should include the current issue from when you first subscribed. When subsequent issues become available, they will appear here automatically.
    Press the box with the issue you wish to read.