Out of Africa exhibition | Call for Artists

Deadline: 10/16/2017

Group Exhibition: Out of Africa: “Changing Perspectives”

Description: This annual exhibition, in celebration of Black History Month is open to all African artists and those of African ethnicity (i.e. African American, Afro-Latin, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Carribbean, the diaspora etc).

Celebrating the wide umbrella of “African” these contemporary works of art will focus on “Changing Perspectives” of the continent, its culture and its people by exploring and celebrating the richness of its past, present and future; and often overlooked influence throughout the diaspora. A diverse group of local, national and international contemporary emerging and established artists will be featured to highlight their talents, stories and perspectives.

All media is accepted.

Submission guidelines are as follows:
Send *no more than *three images in*one email to [email protected] Please include dimensions, medium, and pricing. If we are interested in further information we will request it from you. Thank you for your interest in Art Village Gallery!


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