Connecting Artists to the World – potential artist-client list

Deadline: 03/01/2018

ARTWORKinternational INC is currently reviewing artists for future partnerships, when space allows.

AWI is the only company of its kind on the planet. Established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA in 1998, ARTWORKinternational, Inc. functions as an artist’s advocate, providing broad-based career development services to a limited number of exceptional artists and arts-related entities around the globe.

ARTWORKinternational INC. was created to address the need for development, management, and promotion for visual artists and art-related businesses. The company has grown to provide this expertise to arts organizations, publications, and artists worldwide.

We work on an hourly fee basis. We offer three tiers of service to our artist-clients.

Submission guidelines:
Upon receiving your submission, we will send you our general procedures document for your review.

Samantha Furgason, President
ARTWORKinternational INC

Phone: (505) 982-7447


Location: International