Deadline: 09/18/2017

We are seeking work that captures the elusive magic of the word, “luminous.” How do you depict a glowing from within, that which reflects light, or something illuminated or bathed in light? Subjects may encompass the brightness of a celestial object, eyes glowing with love, an ardent heart, a halo of light, radiant power, something ablaze, or objects that are shimmery, sparkling, glistening, lustrous, incandescent.

Sculpture, painting, drawing, photo, printmaking, ceramics, assemblage, collage, mixed media, fiber
art, artist book.

Juror: Danielle Fox, Slate Contemporary Gallery, Oakland, CA. Juror’s Award ribbon, certificate, catalog and $250 will be presented to top three works.

Apply online at Questions? Email [email protected] and provide your phone number if you wish to have your questions answered by

Stephen Wagner
Arc Gallery

Phone: (415) 518-6485


Location: National